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DRIVE-IP: Canada’s First
General Manager to Owner Success Service

DRIVE Investment Partners (DRIVE-IP) is a niche automotive support service for General Managers looking to purchase or buy-in to an existing Dealership. DRIVE-IP fills the gap that traditional lenders can’t, by bringing together a consortium of companies and individuals to provide quick and flexible financial solutions as well as long-term partnerships and ownership experience.

DRIVE-IP is potentially right for General Manager’s that are either…

The DRIVE-IP Scenario

General Managers are the future business owners and drivers of the retail automotive industry. But due, in part, to the COVID-19 health crisis, turning the dream of business ownership into a reality has become very difficult, if not impossible.


Traditionally banks have been open to lending to GM’s and have been known to offer 100%+ funding for business acquisitions. Then came the Coronavirus and everything changed. At first, banks stopped lending altogether and were taking on no new business. This put a hard stop on the vast majority of GM’s acquiring stores and it’s where

the idea behind DRIVE-IP was born.
As the global health pandemic relented, banks once again started to lend to new clients, including GM’s, but not at the levels required to support GM’s completing a successful purchase. In most acquisition cases, the maximum funding a traditional bank will provide is 50%, leaving the purchaser with a 50% finance gap and very limited options for moving forward and completing the dream of ownership.


DRIVE-IP exists to fill the funding gap and potentially replace your traditional lender all together. But DRIVE-IP is not a bank. DRIVE-IP uses it’s existing banking and industry relationships to create unique consortium’s of industry appropriate companies and individuals to meet your funding needs.
Don’t give-up on your ownership dreams.  Transition from GM to DP with the support of DRIVE-IP.

How to Buy a Dealership (or part of one)

Are you at the top of your game but don’t know where to find ownership opportunities or how to recognize the right opportunity for you? Are you unsure how to establish the required financing or where to find the resources you need to make it happen?

DRIVE-IP has partnered with Wye Management and other leading industry experts and ex-Dealer Principals to bring you a National series of live 2-day workshops, starting Spring 2021. 

Attendees will be given all the information they need to Attain Equity in a Dealership and become a Managing Partner or a Dealer Principal.


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