Drive Investment Partners, Inc

DRIVE-IP is Canada’s first investment group dedicated to funding Canadian automotive businesses primarily focused on auto dealerships. Our team works with experienced business operators providing capital for various business needs. Our lending solutions include high interest mezzanine loans and longer amortizing unsecured loans. Our pricing reflects the benefits of this patient and higher leverage solution for borrowers.

Deals We Look For

Re-imaging Programs

Is your facility out-of-date and in need of an upgrade? Do you need a new showroom? New Signage? DRIVE-IP can provide construction financing solutions for the coming wave of re-imaging requirements post-COVID.

Shareholder Buyouts

Are you looking to buyout a partner? Are you looking to buy into a dealership as a minority owner? DRIVE-IP can finance shareholder transactions providing patient loans secured by personal guarantees.

Mortgage Financing

First and second position mortgages are available. Dealers will need a valid appraisal and environmental report. DRIVE-IP can provide high loan-to-value (LTV) mortgages to finance automotive or commercial properties based in Canada.

Bridge Loans

DRIVE-IP can move quickly to fund transactions that may require rapid turnaround times. Whether it’s a triggered shot-gun clause, a timing gap between financing a purchase and selling an asset, or bridge financing for a commitment that fell through at the last minute, DRIVE-IP can move fast to help you close.

Capital Expenditures

Investing in a new roof, lift equipment, parking lot, etc? We can help finance dealership CAPEX providing flexible high loan-to-value solutions.

Refinancing Debt

Hit a bump in the road and need time to find a solution? DRIVE-IP can refinance and postpone senior bank debt creating enough breathing room for dealers to find a solution.


DRIVE-IP will finance both fixed assets and goodwill to help close a desired acquisition. We can work with both your floor plan financing partner and Schedule A bank to provide the gap financing you need to close your acquisition.

Financing Growth

Decline for an operating line increase? DRIVE-IP can finance additional working capital advances or purchase orders.

Borrowing Criteria

Size of Loan:
$1,000,000 up to $20,000,000 CAD

Term of Loan:
3 to 36 months

Canada Only

Automotive Retail Only
(For example; dealerships, auto body, other
automotive-retail product/service providers)

Minimum Profitability:
DRIVE-IP has no minimum profit required, we structure loans on a case-by-case basis.

What We Require Upfront:

  • Signed DRIVE-IP Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
  • Minimum four years of dealer statements and accountant prepared statements
  • A summary of the transaction, build plans, equipment invoice, etc.
  • A personal net worth statement (form to be provided)

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