Drive Investment Partners, Inc

With over two decades of ownership experience in the dealership space, DRIVE-IP’s investment team is equipped to make equity investments in the automotive sector. We are growth-oriented investors looking to partner with strong operators who need a dependable financial investor. We preferably aim for 50%+ equity ownership with a clear timeline to exit the investment. Preferred investments are either profitable or close to profitable businesses with a clear path to profitability. The business must be either an auto dealership or a company directly servicing the automotive retail market based in Canada.

Investment Criteria

  • Preferred Majority Investments
  • $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 Equity Investments
  • Active involvement in M&A strategy, capital expenditures, and budgeting to align ownership interests.
  • Gradual buyout over a multi-year period based on per-determined milestones.
Private Equity Form
DRIVE-IP doesn’t share you details with any third party companies or organizations.
Transaction Types:
Where DRIVE-IP Can Add Value:
Financial Expertise
DRIVE-IP has multiple partners with extensive relationships in the financial community, including experience in lending, accounting, due diligence and budgeting.
We leverage our team to help you make acquisitions or manage relationships with your bank/investors.
Extensive Expertise
DRIVE-IP has over two decades of ownership experience in the dealership space, overseeing 400+ employees and over $500MM in sales.
We leverage our experience to help make valuable changes to the day-to-day management/systems of individual dealerships and large dealer groups.

DRIVE-IP maintains a high standard of oversight, similar to those of institutional funds. We have a third-party fund administrator managing investor communications and we
only partner with experienced management teams that share our operating values.